Beau Cacao - Bar design

When my good friends Bo and Thomas told me they were following their dream of starting their bean to bar chocolate company Beau Cacao, I was very excited. Even more exciting was when they asked if I would design the signature mold of the bar.  I'm always looking for an opportunity to apply my skill set in different ways so I jumped right in.
The design was inspired by traditional Malaysian patterns, geometric architectural features, organic layering, and tessellation.
Bo and Thomas had some set ideas they wanted to be realized. They asked for a thin bar with a firm snap, a design that would reflect the origin of the cacao beans but also remain modern and unique, and a grid to aid snapping with their logo at the center.

Working from the logo outwards I created a tessellating pattern comprised of triangles, diamonds, and parallelograms. These set out the deeper channels of the snapping grid, and a second pattern was overlaid defining additional detail. The points of intersection between the shapes define subtle undulations in the bar's surface. The resulting relief contrasts against the hard lines of the pattern and produces fantastic organic specular highlights.
Echoes of the bar design later fed into the outer packaging.
Bar design: Adam Gill
Photography: Bo San Cheung
Identity design: Camille Bozzini
Packaging design: SocioDesign